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Welcome to WebAct WebAct is a premier web design and digital marketing firm located in Denver, Colorado with clients all across the world. We provide a unique website builder platform that is optimized for converting web traffic into sales for your business, and we utilize the best digital marketing strategies to drive that traffic to your site. Please view our website on a non-mobile device to browse our complete services and to try out our Dynamic Website Builder for FREE!

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With our Dynamic Website Builder it's easy to create a beautiful website that is compatible with all devices and includes dozens of features to grow your business online.

Responsive Websites

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

When you use our website builder you get more than just a plain ol' desktop site. Every website is multi-device optimized so your visitors will always get the best experience, no matter which device they use. Since your site is built by the device, you can include certain elements on the mobile version that you wouldn't want on the desktop version, like click-to-call and GPS mapping for example. Did you know that 60% of all internet traffic is on mobile devices? And that websites that are not mobile optimized are omitted from mobile searches on Google? 60% of all internet traffic is a lot to miss out on! This is why having just a desktop site does not cut it anymore and why your company needs a multi-device optimized website. You can see exactly what we mean by multi-device by previewing any of the examples below, just use the buttons on the top to switch devices.

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Utilize the best responsive website builder to create a site on your own.

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We'll build a perfect website for you, because you're busy running your business.

Online Marketing

Just because you have a great website, doesn't mean it will automatically get traffic. We are certified advertising partners on the internet's top networks. We can place ads for your business nearly anywhere on the web. Our goal is to maximize your company's ROI by constantly optimizing your ads in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

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