Pay Per Click Advertising with Bing/Yahoo!

Bing Advertising

We are certified Bing Partners for all of their online advertising networks. We offer super simple pricing for our marketing plans: 20% of the monthly budget for constant maintenance and optimizaiton of your ads, and a $300 setup fee for budgets under $5000 a month to create all the keywords and ads.

How It Works

Choose Budget

You choose your own budget when you work with WebAct. We will give you advice and your projections for you budget. We are on a Pay Per Click basis so you pay for only for what people have clicked on.

Customize Ads & Keywords

We customize your ads for each product or service that you offer. We also find the right keywords that fits your business and optimize your ads for the best results.

Ready, Set, Go Live

After we create your ads and find relative keywords, we send you a preview and let you make changes. After you send the list back we will make the changes and start your ads. We manage your ads and keywords every month.

WebAct Is Partnered With Bing To Give You The Best Results