Personalize Your Website and Increase Your Business with inSite

Personalize Your Website and Increase Your Business with inSite

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Personalizing your website is what separates you from your competition. It defines the voice, attitude, and spirit of your company to all potential clients. Due to the rapid increase of connected devices, a customer attention span shortens when visiting certain websites. They require the information they seek within a few clicks and are less willing to search for it. An inSite can put the most relevant content front & center for a visitor, giving them all the information they need. inSite is a powerful website personalization tool available inside our Dynamic Website Builder. It enables you to extend the customer service past a simple website and cater to each visitor. Having a feature like inSite can be the perfect tool to use on your website to gain a bigger audience by increasing conversions and visitor interactions with one-on-one experiences every time they visit your website. This in-turn distinguishes yourself from your competitors, and gives you an advantage when potential clients are looking for the type of services you provide.

How do inSites work?

An inSite is a feature that works on a system of triggers and actions. When a trigger’s individual needs are met, an action occurs that personalizes itself for that visitor. A trigger can be activated either individual or a combination of things such as:

  • Time (based on the time and date a visitor comes to the website)
  • Number of visits (based on the number of visits a visitor has made to the website)
  • Device (based on if the visitor is using your site through desktop, tablet, or mobile)
  • Dedicated URL (which can be ad campaigns, sales, etc.)
  • Location (based on a visitor’s geolocation)
  • and so much more!

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What actions can be triggered?

Triggers activate actions which then presents an inSite that a visitor will see on your website. The amount of actions that can be used after being triggered are endless. Some of the actions you can activate are:

  • Popups (a display that pops up that can promote sales, welcomes a visitor who is visiting the website for the first time, invites feedback, announce an event, feature a signup form, etc.)
  • Special Effects (add effects like falling hearts or snowflakes to make your site more festive during holidays, events, etc.)
  • Click to Call (add call buttons to your website if a visitor uses it when on their tablet or mobile device)
  • Off Hours (you can set your business hours that can tell the visitor when the business is closed and when you will be open again)
  • The possibilities are endless!

Will inSites make my site load slower?

Not one bit! When you add your content to your website with inSite, it is completed through JavaScript after your page has loaded, meaning that the inSite is only triggered after all of your primary content has been loaded.


inSites are an innovative way to draw in potential clients looking for services your business provides. They’re created to help you personalize your website for your clients. Take advantage of the knowledge of client base and put it into a personalized tool such as inSite and maximize your business’ customer conversion in no time. To learn more about personalizing your website, head to today.

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